Citizenship Classes

Have you been living in the country on a work visa? Are you finally ready to apply for your citizenship? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time to study for your citizenship test. At NooJoom Immigration Services & Business Plan, we offer citizenship classes to clients who are planning on applying for their citizenship. Our office is located near Sterling, MI. In fact, our storefront is easy to spot, across the Westland Mall. We are ready to help you prepare for the big test.

The test for U.S. citizenship is a tricky one. There are many history and government questions on the exam. If you want to pass it the first time, you must study diligently for it. At NooJoom Immigration Services & Business Plan, we offer comprehensive citizenship classes that are geared towards the test. We will go over everything you need to know before you are scheduled to take the exam. Our classes are perfect for non-English speakers who need extra help.

At NooJoom Immigration Services & Business Plan, we can also help you get settled in the country. If you are still struggling with English, we can help translate any important documents you may have. Let us look over your resume to make sure it is ready for employers to see. We can also travel with you to appointments to act as a translator. This way, you won’t misunderstand any important information you are given. At NooJoom Immigration Services & Business Plan, our goal is to make every immigrant feel welcome in the country.

The next time you are in Sterling, MI, be sure to stop by our office at NooJoom Immigration Services & Business Plan. We can help you with any immigration concerns you may have. We have regular business hours, seven days a week. Let us know how we can help you.